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Three Card Poker. Once players place their bets, one player known as the shooter throws the dice. You can never go wrong with a classic.rekoP draC 3 . The specific value of each color is established when a player buys in. Players receive four cards and make 2-card hands that play against the dealer s two 2-card hands, utilizing poker pairs and Baccarat totals 0 thru 9. When the ball comes to rest on the roulette wheel, the dealer places a marker on the winning number on the table layout and pays the winning bets. If both hands are higher than the bank hands, the player wins. Chinaco 30th Anniversary Emperador Tequila A very limited selection commemorating 30 years of distilling excellence, aged for seven years. Kings, Queens and Jacks count as 10. Cards are counted at their face value. Fortune Pai Gow Poker. The roulette wheel is marked with numbers 1 - 36 and the symbols 0 and 00. DelMaguey Tobala Mezcal Made from wild mountain Magueys grown in the high regions of Oaxaca, it s unlike any other spirit in the world.slerrab kao ni ylevisnetxe dega si mur siht ,dnelb terces ylimaf dlo-raey-551 a morf devireD muR evreseR ylimaF sgnilsoG . With so many opportunities to win real money, roulette may become your new favorite table game. Face cards and tens have no value. Six Card Poker is a variation of a traditional poker game. Ultimate Texas Hold em. Regular Roulette is a casino table game where players wager on the number, a combination of numbers, or a color they think the spinning ball will land on in the Roulette Wheel. The dice are passed to another shooter when the shooter 7 outs. So, ante up for the Ultimate Texas Hold em experience. For the more adventurous and experienced player, play our exciting and fast-paced Double Deck Blackjack game located in the High Limit Pit, where a minimum bet can range from 50- 5000 or 100- 10,000.

This alluring variation of poker offers three different ways to play Bet Against The Dealer s Hand, Bet On Your Own Hand and Bet Both. Every player plays against the same dealer hand which causes the table to often win and lose together, but you can spice it up by wagering on the Fortune and Progressive Jackpot or Tiger 9 bonus bets, where a 7 Card Straight Flush could get you an envy bonus and change your life.1 ot 05 syaP regiT giB 1 ot 22 syaP regiT llamS 1 ot 02 syaP stniop xis gnilatot sdrac eerht htiw sniw reknaB nehw regiT 1 ot 21 syaP stniop xis gnilatot sdrac owt htiw sniw reknaB nehw regiT 1 ot 001 syaP K-K dna K-K elpmaxE . The dealer shuffles the dominoes and then rolls three dice. Tiger Baccarat. The object of the game is to create two hands which are higher than the bank hand. Bonus payouts may be had for certain hands when wagering against the dealer. Macallan 1966 Vintage Scotch A rare, seductive expression of the Macallan scotches. Our high-limit lounge provides the combination of seclusion and amenities discerning gaming enthusiast seek. Roulette is enticingly easy to play. Each player creates two hands with the four dominoes a high hand and a second-high hand. Come bet and see your potential payout. Robust clove, ginger and prune flavors. Eight decks are shuffled together and those participating in the game place a wager on either the bank or the player. You may bet against the dealer, bet on the value of your own three-card hand, or bet both. Everyone plays against the dealer the house who begins the game by dealing each player two cards and the house one card face-up and one card face-down.etteluoR draC yretsyM . 6 Card Poker. If one hand is higher and the other is lower, it is a tie. Players and dealers each receive two cards. If the first two cards you are dealt total 21, you have a blackjack. Don t let the name fool you, Double Hand Baccarat is a fun combination of Pai Gow and Baccarat. Table Games.

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Free Bet Blackjack lets you double down and split for free. Three Card Poker also offers the optional Pair Plus and progressive wagers. The numbers are alternately colored red and black and the 0 and 00 are green. Traditionally the grandest of all casino games, baccarat pronounced BA-CA-RAH offers some of the best odds. If both of the player s hands are lower than the bank hands, the player loses.noitceles ragic enif dna margorp yeksihw hcir a htiw rab tnelupo na sedulcni évirP bulC . Spanish 21 is played with all the pip tens removed from the deck; therefore, each deck contains only 48 cards. Where players may enjoy a private atmosphere while still being a part of the casino action. Pai Gow is an intriguing game brought to Nevada from the Orient.dellor si rebmun hcihw enimreted ot sdrac sesu taht emag ecid gniticxe dna wen a si sparC naucyS . The game is played with dominoes. Each player receives a specific color. Read More Read Less. The Best of Both Worlds. Pai Gow Poker. A player will roll two dice down the center of the Craps table attempting to hit the far wall of the table. Designed by Adam Tihany to set the scene for truly elite experience, Club Privé is contemporary yet opulent, with Art Deco accents including the raised floor, interlinking metal, dark wood, and glass-and silver-leafed screen partitions.
Will you play double deck blackjack and score higher than the dealer
. Head on over to our Craps table to see what this card game and its reward is all about. Single Tiger Pair Pays 4 to 1 Double Tiger Pair Pays 20 to 1 Twin Tigers Player banker have the same pair. These side wagers include Winning Bet. Double Deck Blackjack. Hardy Rosebud Cognac A blend of small lots of cognac collected by Armand Hardy after the First World War.

Craps is a fast-paced, action-packed game utilizing a pair of dice. Accept the many alluring challenges presented before you and enjoy. Four dominoes are dealt to each player, each vacant player position on the table and to the dealer. Players must trade them for value chips before leaving that table, and Players may place bets until the dealer announces no more bets. Aces count as 1 or 11. Sycuan Craps. Each player s hand has two personal cards that are combined with the five community cards to make their best possible 5-card hand, that is compared to the dealer s best 5-card hand. Feeling Lucky Lucky or cheer on the dealer bust with Buster Blackjack. Place a wager on one of our many exciting side bets. . The total of the dice determines which player receives the first set of dominoes. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino table games. The winning hand is the one which totals the closest to nine. Embrace elevated style while playing your favorite games at Club Privé. Pai Gow Poker is essentially playing two separate poker hands according to traditional poker rankings. All wagers must be placed before the shooter throws the dice. Similar to other Pai Gow Poker games, every player plays against the same dealer, but with the twist that the dealer shows their hand first.

If you choose the free bet options, the dealer will place a special token next to your original wager
. You can always choose Red or Black, Odd or Even, or High or Low and discover you may have more than one lucky number. Color and number combinations offer a variety of betting options for an exciting gaming experience. The dealer starts the game by rolling three dice. Fortune Pai Gow Poker is known for being a social casino table game, due to its slower game pace with lots of pushes or draws. Don t have a lucky number.

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With every flip of the card and roll of the dice, our Las Vegas casino deals a winning combination of luxury and invigoration. Players first make an ante bet then each player and the dealer receive three cards.
The object of the game is to have your cards total 21 or as near to 21 as possible without going over
. Both the dealer and the players take turns being the bank. The game of Tiger Baccarat is a variation to Nepal Baccarat that is No Commission and offers four new and exciting side wagers. Players can then make additional wagers or fold and forfeit the hand. At Sycuan, we offer Mystery Card Roulette it s easy to learn and fun to play. The Joker is used only as an Ace or a wild card to complete a straight or a flush. Ultimate Texas Hold em features head-to-head play against the dealer to go along with an optional Progressive and Trips bonus side bet.ksir ta yenom lanoitidda yna tup t ndid uoy hguoht neve ,elbuod ro tilps lanoitidart a edam dah uoy fi sa drawer a diap teg uoy ,dnah eht gninniw pu dne uoy fI . You could even spin the wheel on our Bonus Spin Blackjack progressive. Choose a lucky number or any combination of lucky numbers and find out which one will win based on the Roulette Wheel. Two cards are dealt to both the player and banker.enoyreve rof nuf erom ,nrut ni ,dna niw ot syaw erom ,snoitpo yalp erom htiw tub kcajkcalB lanoitidart ot ralimis si 12 hsinapS .TABLE GAMES AT SYCUAN CASINO RESORT. Double Hand Baccarat. Dewar s Signature Scotch A selection of the finest and rarest malts from each distilling region of Scotland combined to make a truly unique product. Free Bet Blackjack. The rules are basically the same as regular blackjack with some added bonus features such as re-splitting Aces, doubling down on more than two cards, double down rescue, and bonus payouts for combinations of 21.
The Lucky 8-Eight distinct spirits at Club Privé featured for their unique characteristics and limited availability
. In this casino game, the player is given six cards to place an ante bet, make their best 5-card poker hand, and is set in the best order and compared to the dealer s 5-card best poker hand from their six cards. The dealer s hand qualifies with an Ace-King and in order to win the big bucks the player can wager on the optional ACES UP and or the BAD BEAT bets. Come play with the Tiger.
The total of the dice determines which player receives the first set of cards.sraey 53 degA . Spanish 21 combines the thrill of playing Blackjack with multiple payoffs. Each player receives seven cards and creates two hands simultaneously a high hand and a second-high hand. Test your chances at a straight flush. Players can spice it up by wagering on the Fortune and Progressive Jackpot or the New Ace High Side Bet. Five community cards are placed face down on the table. Our wide variety of Blackjack tables are perfect for all types of gamers to win at any experience level. Pai Gow Poker combines elements of the ancient Chinese game of Pai Gow and the American game of poker, and is played with a traditional deck of 52 playing cards plus one Joker. Xellent Vodka Pot-distilled from Swiss rye and blended with pure glacier water from the Swiss Alps. Adding excitement to the game, players participate in the fun by rolling dice to determine the cards to be used for each roll. Three Card Poker is an exciting stud poker table game. The object of traditional Craps is to wager on potential combinations of numbers being rolled either with sequence bets or roll bets.oigalleB rof yllaicepse delttob ,nobruob hctab llams detceles-dnaH nobruoB PIV evreseR drofdooW . Face Up Pai Gow Poker is an exciting and unique game unlike any other in the casino. The player can now check their two cards and let the optional betting begin. Both hands must be higher than the bank hands to win. Wagers can be placed on individual numbers or groups of numbers on the betting layout. Table Games. Just a few of our Table Games indulgences include Blackjack, one of the most popular casino table games. For everyone s favorite casino table game, play traditional blackjack 24-hours a day. Spanish 21 Match the Dealer. Our high-limit lounge provides the combination of seclusion and casino amenities, including a speakeasy-style bar serving an exclusive selection of spirits.

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